November 20, 2015


About fifteen years ago, Sara put an x-acto blade to an unfinished sketchbook, admiring the silhouettes, and the relationship between positive and negative space.  She illustrates and then cuts, slicing thousands of lines until a story emerges - seeing and planning for what stays versus what falls away.  Sara is meticulous and calculated, and loves how unequivocally non-digital her craft is. It’s the opposite of technology. It’s raw, simple, soft, tangible and breathtaking.

Sara studied printmaking at the University of Victoria and received her MFA in Illustration from San Francisco’s Academy of Art College. She’s designed product lines (table linens, dinnerware and bedding) and has worked as an illustrator, animator and graphic designer in the UK, US and Canada.

Today, Sara develops new things using all of the above: products, ideas, homewares, and so much more stuff that she hasn’t yet realized. Her clients include IDEO, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Levis. She also has exhibited her print and cut paper artwork in the UK, US and Canada and teaches at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Once Sara’s hand-cut designs have been transferred to the digital realm, they can be be applied to almost anything – laser cut into leather, etched into copper, or screen printed on linen.