Friday May 1, 2015


Jess grew up on the Mornington Peninsula on the southern coast of Australia and studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Melbourne before finding herself addicted to the snow of the Northern Hemisphere. After spending 10 years going backwards and forwards between the two hemispheres she settled in Truckee a little over a year ago.

She lives for the coast and the surf, the mountains and the snow, and all the beautiful places she finds in between.

Jess first picked up a camera when she was 15. She desperately wanted to learn to use her mum’s old Pentax SLR but waited until a hike to the stunning Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park while on a family holiday to Tasmania to ask. She wanted to take her first photo ‘somewhere’, and so got her first lesson in shutter speeds and F-stops amongst tourists at the lookout over the bay. Since that moment, her desire has been to capture a place.

Through carefully considered combinations of images she likes people to look at her photos and feel the essence of a place. Her compulsion is to show you the world the way she sees it. Often it’s far more beautiful than you realise.

Because Jess learned photography in the brief window of time when the film age gave way to the digital age she has an ingrained analog sensibility that she has brought into the digital world. As a result, her digital processing is minimal and she produces all prints herself on beautifully textured watercolour paper.