GALLERY OPENING // Colin C. Teague

July 3, 2015


A Sonoma County native, I was born in Santa Rosa and grew up in Windsor and Sebastopol. Upon graduation from CCAC in Oakland with a BFA in printmaking in 1998, I was given the gift of a printing press.  I tried to pursue etching with moderate success, but using nitric acid in a home environment presented too many challenges.  This led me back to monotype— in some ways the simplest of the printing techniques. I experimented with multicolor drop, mixing and shading with three or four passes through the press and had some success but was not satisfied with the process.  

At that time I spent many of my weekends wandering the City (San Francisco) with my friends, snapping pictures as things caught my eye. One of these photographs became the launching point for my first “massively multi-drop” monotype, “Chinatown I, 1999.”  I made a few more similar prints over the next year or two but life, family, and work got in the way of pursuing artistic focus.

In 2005, despite work, moving back to Sonoma County, and the birth of our son in 2002, I finally had enough prints for my first show at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.  After that I had get a “real” job that would make real money to support my family. Which brings us nearly to the present. In 2013 the company I worked for went under and, jobless, I started working on projects around the home and in the wood shop but, somewhat daunted, I mostly avoided my printing press.  

This most likely would have continued until I found a new job if it weren’t for my accident with a chop saw in November of 2013, which nearly took three fingers from my left hand. After my fingers were sewn back on, bones pieced back together, tendons reconnected, arteries repaired, and nerves grafted to replace all the parts of my fingers destroyed by the saw, I spent months in recovery unable to work or do much of anything.  However, in the first few months of 2014 I needed something to keep me sane and went back to printmaking with renewed interest and determination.

I started small but it wasn’t long before I got back to my multi-drop registration nightmare prints.  My left hand may never work properly again but with printmaking I have regained a part of my life that I thought was gone.