Many Hands is a joint exhibition of the artwork of Courtney Cerruti and Lisa Solomon. Solomon is currently working on a series entitled SEN - the Japanese word for the number 1000. Through this body of work, she represents different iterations of Buddha. There is a Buddha Senju Kannon who has 1000 arms, as well as a temple in Kyoto [Sanjusansendo] that houses 1000 buddhas. The number 1000 is significant in Japanese culture – it is often utilized in circumstances where luck is desired. {Think 1000 cranes}. Atelier's gallery space will host 1000 gold buddha hands pasted to the wall. She will respond to the space configuring the hands on site. Solomon often utilizes embroidery and crochet in her work and incorporates a textile element in the installation.

Cerruti has long used the figure in her paintings – but mostly faces. In her body of work, hands and all the emotional content they can convey will be explored. The two artists are presenting some pieces collaboratively, embellishing the pieces they exchange.  


Maker extraordinaire, Courtney is the author of Playing with Image Transfers,  Washi Tape 101 and Playing With Surface Design published by Quarry Books. Her books have been translated into Italian, French, German and Chinese. Courtney teaches workshops all over the country and online at Her work has been featured on Oh Happy DayDesign Sponge, the SF ChronicleInstagramThe Jealous Curator and BuzzFeed among others. She makes something everyday and can be found on instagram as @ccerruti


Lisa Solomon is a mixed media artist who moonlights as a graphic designer and college professor [currently she’s teaching at SF State]. She also teaches workshops of all sorts [from crafty to professional practices for working artists]. She received her undergrad degree from UC Berkeley, and her MFA from Mills College. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the Untied States and across the globe. She is the author of Knot Thread Stitch – exploring creativity through embroidery and mixed media as well as the illustrator for 20 Ways to Draw a Chair and 44 Other Interesting Every Day Things. You can learn more about on her website and @lisasolomon