Acrylic Painting Workshop: Exploring the style of Jaspar Johns.

In this beginner level acrylic painting class we will explore American artist Jasper Johns, who found his inspiration in everyday objects presented in a new way. This is an excellent class for learning to paint loose and for breaking out of stylistic constraints. We will be covering an intro to acrylic paints and color theory while painting Americana flags and flag shapes.


Lake Tahoe-Truckee based artist Carole Sesko has an endless fascination with color, form, and texture. Primarily, she works with acrylic paints and mediums applied onto wood, canvas, metal, and paper. Often she mixes new materials with recycled objects, creating a fresh context for the viewer to interpret and share.

Her work is process driven, inspired by adding and subtracting elements, resolving their balance until the artwork achieves a unified flow. Trained in design as well as art, Carole first started painting with acrylic on canvas in 1993. Through experimentation she developed a technique of layering metallic paint with solid colors to achieve iridescence and vibrancy. Many of her art works change color relative to the angle from which they are viewed.

“My life long love of music strongly influences my paintings. Before I turned to visual art, I studied piano and guitar, music theory, history of western music, and ethnomusicology. My tastes are wide ranging; I respond to anything authentic and innovative. My approach to art is similar to creating a musical composition, working with structure, rhythm, harmony, and vibration.” Originally from the Berkshires in Massachusetts, Carole received an Associate of Arts from Simon’s Rock College, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from the University of California, Davis. Her artwork has been collected throughout North America.

Carole teaches mixed media and collage through the Artist in Residence program at Martis Camp, and exhibits frequently in the Truckee / Tahoe / Reno area.

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