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Thanks so much for your interest in letterpress! We LOVE to do custom projects for clients and would love to hear from you.


How much does it cost to get something letterpress printed?

A: There is a $300 minimum per project for any job.  Please fill out the form below if you're interested and we can better quote you.

Do you design cards, invites, etc.?

A: YES! It's actually easier for us to handle the design, as we understand what is needed to make a design press ready. 

I already have a design- can you print it?

A: Yes, but that depends. We get photopolymer plates made and we will need to make sure your artwork/design is press ready. We can get it ready for you as well.

What can you print?

A: Business cards, stationery, wedding invites, custom folding cards, save the dates, etc.  The largest our press can print is about 8"x10." 

What color can you print?

A: Letterpress machines print one color at a time and can print any color under the sun!  We can even do four color!

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When do you need your paper goods in hand?
Please keep in mind that the more involved your project, the more time it takes. You can count on 3-6 weeks for any job, as it takes time to get design finalized, order plates, paper, etc.. We appreciate your patience.